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Rover Ants

Rover Antsare small (about 1/16"), uniform in size (they are monomorphic), and vary in color from black, dark brown to pale blonde. They have 9-segmented antennae without a club, a 1-segmented petiole which is hidden under the abdomen and they do not possess a stinger. The thorax is uneven in shape and the front portion is humped.


Rover Ants

Rover ants are common in woods and other natural settings, as well as around buildings. In natural settings they nest in soil or decaying wood. In buildings they prefer areas with high moisture and are often associated with bathrooms or plumbing or structural leaks.

These ants nest in small, single queen colonies, but there can be many colonies in an area, and this may be one of the main reasons for the control difficulties. Honeydew from aphids, scales, and similar insects is a favorite food source, but they have to have protein as well.


Rover Ants

They feed on a wide variety of foods, especially those containing grease or fats. They also feed on many types of sweets, dead insects, toothpaste, soap and other foods that other ants rarely attack. They often seek out water in kitchens and bathrooms.

Life Cycle : Colonies are formed by mating flights of winged male and female individuals. These flights usually occur in the evening during summer months and winged sexual (alates) are attracted to lights.

Control :Keeping tree branches and bushes from touching the exterior walls of homes or buildings tends to work well in controlling indoor infestations. Eliminating honeydew-producing insects from houseplants may also be beneficial due to the Rover ants fondness for sweets.


Rover Ants

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