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Sleep Tight the Bed Bugs are Back, and They Will Bite!

Exterminating Bed Bug is a specialty of Beyond Pest Control.

steaming bed bugs

Bed bug evidence... to put it politely

For years now the residents in the New York Metro area including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New Jersey, Westchester and Rockland County have counted on this New York pest control business servicing commercial and residential clients to exterminate once and for all these ruthless pests. Beyond Pest Control is one of the best and most reliable exterminating companies in the New York Metro Area.

Bed Bugs feed on human blood exclusively at night and in places with high turnovers of night-time guests — such as hotels, hospitals or homeless shelters. Those that are bitten by bed bugs may develop small, white to red hard welts at the site of the bite. These bites are incredibly itchy and may scar if scratched. Bed bugs have an odor that is pronounced and in severe cases has been described as “obnoxious sweetness.” It's a difficult task to eliminate bedbugs from your home on your own. Professional help is recommended.

Gruesome, isn't it?

Bed Bugs are found in all types of dwellings and transportation vehicles including homes, apartments, public housing, hotels, motels, movie theatres, buses, taxi cabs and trains. During the day they will hide in box springs, mattresses, bed frames, side tables, armoires, couches, chairs, window and door moldings, behind wall paper and pictures, under carpet, cracks in the hardwood floors, wall voids, outlets, and luggage.

Adult Bed Bugs measure approximately 1/5 inch in length by 1/8 inch in width. They are reddish-brown in color and typically oval and flattened in shape. After feeding, the abdomen becomes engorged giving the bed bug a somewhat elongated appearance. The head bears two piercing-suctioning mouthparts which enable bed bugs to pierce the skin while numbing the location and then retrieving blood from their hosts. Bed bug eggs known as nymphs are white approximately 1/32 inch long.

The females lay between 200 - 500 eggs during their lifetime. The eggs hatch in 6 to 17 days. Adult bed bugs can live 10 months or more without food (blood). In one case, a female bed bug survived for more than 560 days without food. Adults generally travel 15 to 20 feet, or less, from their harborage site.

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Your Home?

Bed bug Hide

Bed bug Hide

Bed Bugs can and will hide in small crevices, they may accompany luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes, and other such objects as stowaways when moved between apartments, homes and hotels. Used furniture, particularly bed frames and mattresses are of greatest risk of harboring Bed Bugs and their eggs. Thus, you should carefully scrutinize and consider the history of any used furniture, particularly ‘street’ items that are so plentiful at the beginning and end of each academic year.

Bed bugs can readily survive for many months without feeding, and they may already be present in ‘vacant’ and/or ‘clean’ apartments. Bed Bugs can wander between adjoining apartments through voids in walls and holes though which wires and pipes pass and also through wall sockets. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and may enter your home on a friend’s jacket or purse, or you may bring them home from visiting a friend that has an unknown infestation. It is a pain but you must inspect anything that enters your home in order to avoid.

Bed bugs can live anywhere

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