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Bed Bugs are Taking Over

Bed bugs are taking a bite out of our Big Apple NYC as well as families, and innocent people simply taking the train or going to a movie. In the past few months these pests have increased enormously and we need to be careful. Bed bugs are tick-like pests and come out during the evening while you and your family are asleep in order to feed. Much like the myth of vampires, except bed bugs exist the love to feed on your blood.

Though you do not see them during the day they eat at night while you sleep, they are sure you are sleeping due to the amount of Carbon dioxide levels you expel.

Though you may not see them, you will notice a pattern of bite marks running up and down your arm, this is due to the fact that bed bugs feed directly on your veins, therefore creating this pattern. Bed bugs are no joke so be careful NYC.

Normally one might be lead to believe that bed bugs live only on beds; not so! NY realistically speaking these pests do not just live in beds, they can be found in

  • night tables
  • drawers
  • closets
  • light sockets
  • picture frames
  • vents
  • curtains
  • drapes
  • towels
  • clothing with cuffs
  • luggage
  • handbags
  • carpeting
  • rugs
  • hats
  • wigs & toupees
  • pet beds
  • clutter paper piles
  • newspaper
  • clean & dirty laundry
  • screw & nail holes
  • throw pillows
  • tissue boxes
  • etc...

if you have a large infestation you will have them everywhere. These pests were given the name bed bug simply because they feed on you, and normally you sleep-in a bed. We here at Beyond Pest Control are very much aware that bed bugs are at large in NYC and are a great concern for most exterminating companies. Here at Beyond Pest Control we get very large amounts of phone calls regarding bed bugs in NYC. In controlling the bed bug epidemic the EPA records a whopping 71% rise in bed bug related phone calls, this is largely because they reproduce quickly and are now everywhere you look.

Many people seem to believe that bed bugs come from those that travel abroad as well as nationally, but this is a large misconception. This bed bug epidemic did not just come from traveling, you can get bed bugs from anywhere...
for example; you can get them from hotel, couches, plane seats, the movies and countless other places.

So imagine now you have to worry about coming home with bed bugs
after watching a movie with friends.

Many other exterminating companies are stumped as to how to solve this problem with bedbugs, but here at Beyond Pest Control, we simply exterminate the problem in a very unique way. We are all well aware of the fact that NYC has been plagued with bedbugs and even more aware of the fact that we haven't seen an epidemic like this one in about 50 years. Bedbugs are taking over NYC and they are quite the pest, mainly because they aren't necessarily the easiest pest to get rid of due to the fact that it takes a certain type of equipment and various treatments, depending on whether or not you want to save your furniture. What our exterminators ask you to do before coming into your home is to empty your closets, night tables and drawers as much as possible and place all of your clothing in the drier, mainly because there is no insect on the planet that is capable of surviving the drier, in having said that after you have dried your clothes you must discard the old bags they were in.
We will keep you informed you on this bedbug epidemic.
if you need more information simply visit one of our Bug blogspot. or Bug wordpress Blogs


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