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Diving Beetle

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Diving Beetle

Diving Beetle grow between one and 1 1/2 inches long. They are dark brown or black with a greenish tinge. They have yellow along their sides and on the bottom. Females have many grooves on the back wings. The legs of these beetles are yellow or brownish.

Diving Beetle

Diving Beetle

Habitat: These predaceous insects feed on a variety of aquatic organisms, isncluding small fish. These beetles may be found in nearly any body of water. They fly into small ponds and puddles and can even be found in saline ponds. Adults frequently surface for air, holding the tip of the abdomen to the surface to obtain air which is stored under the wing covers to breath.

Life Cycle:  Diving Beetle Eggs are laid on/in plants above the waterline in early spring. When they hatch, the larvae drop into the water larvae may grow up to be 3 inch long. Mature larvae crawl out of the water to pupate in damp chambers on the shoreline. They emerge as adults to reenter the water.They are good fliers and are attracted to lights at night.. Both larvae and adults may be found under the ice in winter.

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