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Dogbane Beetle

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Dogbane Beetle

Dogbane Beetle mostly measure less than a half an inch, come in bright colors, have un-spectacular antennae, smallish heads often shielded by a large prothorax , short legs, and domed elytra the hard wing covers that protect the top of the abdomen and a pair of flying wings.

Dogbane Beetle

Dogbane Beetle

Habitat: Some light rays reflect from the surface of the plates, and other light rays reflect from the pigment underneath. At different angles, the light reflects at different speeds, causing interference that result in our seeing different colors that shine.

Life Cycle:  Dogbane beetle males and females mate an average of once per day during their lifetime, taking multiple mates. Males actively search out and choose females to mate with; female choice is ineffective. The entire mating process usually lasts over an hour and a half due to postcopulatory mate guarding, where males ride on the females backs after insemination in order to ensure that the female uses his sperm to fertilize her eggs. Mating usually takes place early in the day.

Dogbane Beetle

Dogbane Beetle

Damage:Dogbane beetles eat and live on dogbane plants , specifically Indian hemp and spreading dogbane . They also occasionally live and feed on milkweed plants.

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