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Billbugs grubs are legless, generally white or cream, with a brown head. They may reach 1/3 to 1/2 inch long when full-grown. Billbugs develop on nutsedge and other sedges, rushes and semiaquatic plants and are often associated with low areas of the field.



Life Cycle : Adult females lay white, long, kidney-shaped eggs in a hollowed-out chamber in the grass stem from late April through June, depending on geographical location. In some cases oviposition may continue through July to August. larvae with a brown head capsule hatches from the egg in about 7 to 14 days. Billbugs complete three larval instars with the first and second instars feeding inside the grass stem .Billbugs complete one generation each year.

Damage : : Billbug larval damage to turf is similar to that caused by white grubs. Patches of grass begin to turn brown due to root damage. Affected turf is easily pulled out by hand with the stems breaking off at the crown. A good indication of billbug presence is a fine, white, sawdust like material left by larvae feeding in the root zone. Adult billbugs chew small holes in grass blades. In severe infestations, the area around the holes may turn yellow, and the grass may have a speckled appearance

Control: Scouting and other practical integrated pest management strategies can reduce billbugs and potential turfgrass damage to tolerable levels in most cases. Scout for adults moving to turfgrass in the early spring and start monitoring for larvae in the summer by taking soil samples.

Billbugs Damage


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