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Bluegrass Billbug

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Bluegrass Billbug

Bluegrass Billbug Adult are typical weevils with mouthparts located at the end of a curved snout or bill. These insects, which are about 1/4 inch long and dark brown to black.

Bluegrass Billbug

Bluegrass Billbug

Life Cycle :Bluegrass billbugs overwinter as adults and become active as temperatures begin to warm in April and May. Egg hatch occurs in one to two weeks, and the larvae tunnel down through the grass stems into the crown and eventually settle in the roots. larvae feed on turfgrass roots and stems, often cutting the stems off at the crown so injured grass plants are easily pulled up.

Damage : Damage is most severe when summer drought stress is present. Light infestations often produce small dead spots similar to the turf disease, dollar spot. Sometimes the damage appears as irregular mottling or browning in the turf. Heavy infestations can result in complete destruction. Billbug damage on golf courses is often confused with drought stress or sprinkler head failure on tee and bunker banks and other sloped areas. To confirm billbug damage, grasp suspected turf and pull upward. If the stems break easily at ground level and the stems are hollowed out or are full of packed sawdust like material.

Bluegrass Billbug Damage

Bluegrass Billbug

Management: Maintaining adequate soil moisture and nutrient levels during stress periods will maximize turfgrass vigor. Consequently, billbug damage will be less severe and the use of chemical pesticides may not be required.Preventative applications of insecticides are not recommended because insecticides destroy predators and parasites that help keep billbug populations under control.

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