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Broadwinged katydid

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Broadwinged katydid

Broadwinged katydid size 2 inch length with gray-green body. katydid ovipositor curves sharply upward antennae long, thin. Wings dark green, veined, tapering almost to points.

Broadwinged katydid

Broadwinged katydid

Broadwinged also has fast-pulsed songs in daytime, each like a buzzing and very similar to the corresponding song of the bush katydid. The notes are more blended or blurred, less distinct than those of texensis. More distinctive is the nighttime song, which is the broad-winged bush katydid’s claim to fame. It has been described as the counting katydid, as it produces series of pulsed buzzes, adding 1-2 buzzes per group.

Broadwinged katydid male passes to the female a large nutritive packet that the female feeds on and uses to help nourish developing eggs . Broadwinged katydid Females can be distinguished from males by a pronounced hook-like ovipositor. They lay eggs by roughening the bark and gluing the eggs to the twigs of host plant. There is one generation produced per year.

Broadwinged katydid

Broadwinged katydid

Damage: Broadwinged katydid feeds on young fruit at petal fall with subsequent buildup of scar tissue and distortion of expanding fruit. Katydids take a single bite from a fruit and then move to another feeding site on the same or nearby fruit. In this way, a few katydids can damage a large quantity of fruit in a short time. They also eat holes in leaves and maturing fruit, creating injury that resembles damage by citrus cutworm.

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