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Hunting Billbugs

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Hunting Billbugs

Hunting Billbugs Adults are 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch long and dark brown to black with narrow channels on their wing covers. What may appear as a pattern of gray, tan or even reddish dots on the wing covers and thorax.

Hunting Billbugs

Hunting Billbugs

Life Cycle :The larva is typical of most weevil larvae, being thickest at the middle. The body is white to yellowish, the head tan to brown and mandibles mostly black. Larvae have been found at depths of eight inches, and although as many as 72 per square foot were reported, the average find was 10 to 14. Pupation in the soil or in the roots occurs after three to five weeks. The pupal period was noted as three to seven days. Adults have been found every month of the year, but most activity has been noted in the fall and winter.

Damage : Hunting billbug damage may be the most often misdiagnosed problem in warm- season turfgrass, appearing similar to damage from diseases, drought, chinch bugs or delayed spring greening. The adults are reclusive, only come out at night, and are well camouflaged. Also, for a good portion of their larval stage, the billbug grub is inside the plant, making detection difficult. Oftentimes, the only diagnostic symptom of billbug damage is the hollowed out stolons and leaf stems apparent after the larvae emerge from their turfgrass hatchery and feeding chamber.

Hunting Billbugs Damage

Hunting Billbugs

Management: Alternative is using endophyte-enhanced turfgrass seed as part of your management program. (Endophytes are usually beneficial fungi that live between the cell walls of grass plants.) In most instances, fungal endophytes produce alkaloids, which give enhanced resistance to insects and disease. Currently, endophytes occur in tall fescue, fine fescue, and perennial ryegrass seed. Billbugs can be repelled by use of endophyte-enhanced turfgrass cultivars. In some instances, fertilization and irrigation can assist in masking billbug damage.

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