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Leaffooted Bug

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Leaffooted Bug

Leaffooted Bug 3/4 inch in length and are dark brown with a whitish to yellowish stripe across the central part of the back. The hind legs have flattened, leaf-like expansions on the tibia. Nymphal stages look similar to adults except that they do not have fully developed wings.

Leaffooted Bug

Leaffooted Bug

Life cycle Adults emerge in spring and feed on flowers and newly forming seeds. Soon they mate and lay eggs on host trees. The eggs hatch after about 10 days and the nymphs start feeding. There are five nymph stages, called instars before adulthood. It’s this nymph feeding that causes the most economic damage.

They are adults by August and continue to feed through the fall. They overwinter as adults in protected areas including your house. There is only one generation per year.

Damage: Leaffooted bugs have piercing-sucking mouthparts and damage crops. Leaffooted bugs damage results from feeding on fruiting structures. As it heals, the feeding site becomes hard and darkens. Seeds fed upon may be shriveled, deformed, and shrunken, or may simply bear a dark spot and depression at the feeding site, depending on the stage of development when attacked.

Leaffooted Bug Damage

Leaffooted Bug Damage

Leaffooted bug is controlled by application of insecticides, cultural practices, and by hand picking. Fields containing watermelons, citrons, hairy indigo, crotalaria, velvet beans, thistles, etc., should be examined, and if infestations of bugs are found in September in fields adjacent to early ripening citrus varieties, these fields should be thoroughly cultivated.

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