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Onion Maggot

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Onion Maggot

Onion Maggot

Onion Maggot

Onion Maggot Adults of Delia species are small gray flies that are somewhat smaller than house flies. When at rest, they keep their wings folded one over the other. Larvae are creamy white, legless maggots about 0.4 inch (10 mm) long. Microscopic examination is required to distinguish between species.

Onion maggots overwinter as pupae in the soil, and flies emerge in late spring. Females deposit eggs about the base of the plant or in cracks in the soil, and occasionally on the young leaves and neck of the onion plant. Maggots crawl down the plant, mostly behind the leaf sheaths, and enter the bulbs. Onion maggot flies are particularly attracted to rotting or decaying onions. Any injury site on the bulb also attracts flies, and facilitates the maggot’s entry. Second-generation maggots feed on developing bulbs, and third-generation maggots may attack bulbs even after harvest if they have been set out to dry.There are 3 generations per year.

Onion Maggot

Onion Maggot

Damaged seedlings first wilt, eventually become flaccid, and die. Frequently, attacked seedlings die before the maggots are fully grown, forcing them to move to adjacent plants. Second generation maggot feeding on developing bulbs usually results in distorted growth accompanied by rotting tissue. Feeding by third generation maggots on late season onion bulbs results in an unmarketable product/

The onion maggot has many natural enemies such as ground beetles, birds, parasitic wasps, nematodes and a parasitic fungus that is most effective in cool, wet weather. There seem to be no resistant varieties at this time except for a Japanese bunching onion that, at times, shows resistance, or at least tolerance.

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