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Pale Western Cutworm

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Pale Western Cutworm

Pale Western Cutworm Adult cutworms are a moth, and have dark wing colors with markings, and about 1 1/2 inch long wing length. A mature cutworm larva is about 1 1/2inches long and the size of a pencil in width.

Pale Western Cutworm

Pale Western Cutworm

Adult moths emerge from the soil in late summer and fall. They deposit eggs in loose soil. Eggs usually hatch in late winter. Under some conditions, eggs hatch in the fall and the insect overwinters as a partially grown caterpillar.

Life Cycle When the worms are through feeding they go slightly deeper into the soilbuilding about them earthen cells in which they go into the resting stage or pupate. They usually lay their eggs in the stubble of recently cut grain fields and, wheD abundant, also in soft bare soil. The eggs remain in the soil during the winter and usually all are hatched by the first of May.

Pale Western Cutworm Larva

Pale Western Cutworm Larva

Pale Western Cutworm is a uniform slate gray greenish gray, rather greasy or translucent in appearance, while most of the common cutworms have a more or less striped appearance.The head is a ligilt brown or yellowish color. The fully developed worms are 1 1/4, to 1 1/2 inches in length.

Damage : Cutworm damage first appears on hilltops, south facing slopes, or in areas of light soil, which warm up earlier in the spring. Larvae will cut young plants in the seedling to 6-8 leaf stages. Cut plants can be found drying up and lying on the soil surface. As damage continues, fields will have areas of bare soil where plants have disappeared.

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