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Squash Bug

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Squash Bug

Squash Bug 5/8 of an inch long and 1/3 as wide. Adults are winged and grayish brown with a flat back. The edges of the abdomen and underside of the insect have orange to orange-brown stripes.  Squash Bug range in color from mottled white to greenish gray and have black legs. Nymphs later turn dark brown and begin to resemble adults, growing wing pads in their later stages.

Squash Bug

Squash Bug

Life cycle adults may continue ovipositing eggs for more than a month and for this reason nymphs and adults will often be present in the field throughout the summer. Emerging adults will feed, mate and begin oviposition in approximately 10 days. The eggs will hatch in 1 to 2 weeks and it requires 4 to 6 weeks for the nymphs to pass through the 5 larval instars before becoming an adult.

Squash Bug completes its growth into an adult. The squash bug has only one generation per year.

Damage: Squash bugs damage plants by removing sap and causing leaves to wilt and collapse. Young plants and infested leaves on older plants may be killed. More importantly, they are the vector of a newly recognized disease of cucurbit crops, Yellow Vine Decline. Melons, watermelon, and pumpkins are susceptible to this disease. The bacteria that causes this disease is injected into the plant while squash bug feeds with piercing-sucking mouthparts.

Squash Bug Damage

Squash Bug Damage

One of the most important preventive strategies is to maintain healthy plants through proper planting site selection, soil preparation, fertilization and irrigation. Healthy plants are generally less attractive to pests and can tolerate more squash bug feeding without signifi cant yield loss. should be taken to minimize populations of overwintering adults. Immediately following harvest, destroy cucurbit crop debris, including vines and fruits. Remove wood piles and other debris near fi elds where insects may seek protection for the winte

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