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Western Corn Rootworm

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Western Corn Rootworm

Western Corn Rootworm3/16- to 1/5-inch long. Adults are drab in color, grayish to brownish, and may be covered with soil particles. These insects fall readily to the ground when disturbed.

Western Corn Rootworm

Western Corn Rootworm

Habitat: When disturbed it readily drops to the ground. The beetle attacks young seedling by feeding on the leaf margins and chewing into the side of the stem.

Life Cycle:  Western corn rootworms have one generation per year . In late summer, mated females deposit small egg clutches near the base of corn stalks, where they remain unhatched for the winter. Females can lay between 500 and 1,000 eggs during their lifetime. Eggs must go through a cold period, called diapause, before hatching in late spring. Newly hatched larvae move down into the soil and begin feeding on secondary corn roots. Larvae go through three instars and eventually start feeding on and in the primary corn roots. In July, larvae pupate in the soil, emerge as adults in 5 to 10 days, and begin feeding on corn silks.

Western Corn Rootworm Damage

Western Corn Rootworm Damage

Damage: Western Corn Rootworm Several symptoms can be recognized as damage from the corn rootworms. The most obvious is goose-necking of the more mature corn plants. This is caused by the larvae feeding on the root-hairs and pruning the roots. Falling over of plants will occur in severely damaged plants.

Control: Corn rootworms usually follow fi elds in which corn has been repeatedly planted. Rotation two years away from corn production may be necessary, because some eggs may hatch the second year.

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