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White lined Sphinx Moth

White lined Sphinx Moth (Hyles lineata) is vary in color from buff to brownish buff, with a wing expanse of 3.5" (90mm)inches. Large moth, often seen hovering in front of flowers like a hummingbird. Hindwing is dark with pink band and white trim. Forewing is brown with prominent white stripe down length of each wing.

White lined Sphinx Moth

White lined Sphinx Moth

This large moth often is seen hovering at flowers in the early morning or evening and may even be confused with a hummingbird. Caterpillars green and blackstriped, hairless, with a horn on the rear end may be seen in large numbers migrating across roads, during the monsoon summer time.

Upperside of forewing is dark olive brown with paler brown along the costa and outer margin, a narrow tan band running from the wing tip to the base, and white streaks along the veins. Hindwing upperside is black with a reddish pink median band.

Life Cycle : The whitelined sphinx (Hyles lineata) is the most common hornworm of Colorado and, by far, the most commonly encountered hummingbird moth. Larvae develop on a variety of plants but seldom do they significantly damage those plants considered economically important. Portulaca, primrose, and wild grape are among the most common larval hosts. Rarely, you may see large outbreaks of caterpillars that sometimes result in very visible migrations across roadways when food plants are exhausted.

Hornworms of the whitelined sphinx can vary in color. Most are predominately green, with some yellow, white, and/or black markings. Less commonly you'll find predominately black forms, with yellow markings. Adults have a prominent white band on the upper forewing.

Larval food plants: willow weed, four o'clock, apple, evening primrose, elm, grape, tomato, purslane, Fuschia, Lupin.

White lined Sphinx Moth

White lined Sphinx Moth

Nectar from a variety of flowers including columbines, larkspurs, petunia, honeysuckle, moonvine, bouncing bet, lilac, clovers, thistles, and Jimpson weed.

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