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how to clean carpets,clean carpet care

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Importance of a Clean Carpet

steaming bed bugs

Carpet Cleaning

Our home is our sanctuary. It is the place where we escape from the rest of the world and feel most comfortable and safe. It is the cradle in which we let our children grow up and create memories. Our house also represents us. The way we decorate it shows our aesthetic sense and the way we welcome other people into it shows our social manners. But besides decoration and good hospitality, our house also needs good cleaning.

A house filled with dust and germs can be hotspot for diseases and infections. Most people like their homes clean and that’s why they do the dusting, washing and vacuuming regularly. But after sometime, just surface cleaning is not enough. Most of us have carpets in homes which tend to get extremely dirty. Out of all the things in the house, carpet is probably the one thing that gets dirtiest the fastest.

Not only in a house, but carpets in our offices or shops also get extremely dirty. The constant inflow of footfalls, incoming wheelchairs and other equipments etc. can deposit a lot of dirt in the inner fibers of the carpet. Carpets have to endure the dirt that comes in with shoes, spilled drinks and food, urine and excreta of pets and God knows what else. Just vacuuming the carpets cannot take all the spots, dirt and germs from it. But some people think that as carpets are just supposed to walked upon, they don’t need to be thoroughly cleaned. This is a very wrong notion.

Do you know that an average home or office carpet can have a number of bacteria and viruses which might make you or others very ill?

Viruses like

  • Human immunodeficiency Virus Type I
  • Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicidal (Pathogenic)
  • Pseudomonicial
  • Virucidal Influenza A2 (Hong Kong-68)

Virus on Inanimate Environmental Surfaces have been found in homes and offices.

Let’s discuss what the hazards of a dirty carpet are:

Unhygienic: A dirty carpet is a huge health risk for the people living in the house. As most carpets are soft and warm, they are a hot-bed for germs and pests. I have seen many houses where they have live worms living in their carpets. This might cause various problems for you. Bad Aesthetics: Though not as important as hygiene, but aesthetics is also a big issue, when it comes to carpeted floors. No matter how careful you are, drinks and food keeps spilling on the carpet from time to time. And as most of us have experienced, most drinks and foods leave ugly stains on the carpet. If you have animals in the house, then their eventual “accidents” also leave a stain that looks impossible to get rid of. This not only harms the beauty of the room, but also gives bad impression of your sense of cleanliness. A house full of ugly stains can’t impress anyone.

And in case of commercial property, a spotless carpet becomes even more important. A dirty and dingy carpet is the first sign of a poorly run business. Your clients will hire your services only if you represent yourself as a responsible person who has an eye for details. An ugly carpet doesn’t depict this image.

steaming bed bugs

Organic Carpetcleaning

Health Problems:

A dirty carpet can cause various health problems for your children and pets. If you have babies at home, then hygiene becomes a top issue. The germs in the carpet may transfer to your baby as he crawls around on it. Even young toddlers might get affected, if they are given a toy that had previously fallen on the carpet or if you touch the baby after touching the carpet. Apart from babies, elderly people and chronic patients may also get affected by the dirt and germs floating in the air because of dirty carpets. Carpets exude tiny particles of fiber and dust every time you step on them. If a carpet is dirty, then all the germs and dust will also start polluting the air inside the house and start causing health problems.

In short, it is extremely important to keep one’s carpet clean and free from germs. Apart from carpets, the upholstery in our homes also needs to be cleaned. Just like carpets, the upholstery cleaning is also as important. Items like curtains, couch cushions, pillows etc. are prone to inhabit dirt and germs which can create various hygiene and health problems.

You must make sure that all these things get a good cleaning from time to time and since you can’t clean these things by yourself, you must hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do this job for you. There are hundreds of carpets cleaners out their which can get you rid of all the stubborn stains in your carpet.

Even though, you can hire any carpet cleaner from your area, but if you don’t want to fill your home with the fumes of chemicals, then get eco-friendly carpet cleaning. There are various services which use harmless and eco-friendly cleaners to clean your carpets, rugs, curtains, couches etc. If you have kids or pets in the house, then you must opt for the ‘green’ cleaning as the harmful chemicals can really irritate them.

steaming bed bugs

Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet cleaning services have their websites and you can contact them through internet. You can easily find a service that’s located in your area and provides all the services that you need. Internet has also given you the choice to find service which is right in your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Search for a good carpet cleaning website and get rid of all the germs, bacteria and viruses in your house and office.

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how to clean carpets,clean carpet care