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Intro to Entomology Part 1

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Integrated Pest Management Part 1

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Principles of Vertebrate Pest Control Part I

Principles of Vertebrate Pest Control Part 2

Basic Insect Identification

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Understanding Pesticides Part I

Understanding Pesticides Part II

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Wikipedia - Entomology

Entomology: Science of Insects

Entomology is a branch of zoology dealing with the study of insects. Comprising about 900,000 known species, insects represent about three fourths of all the classified animal species. Insects are studied because of their importance as:
•pollinators for fruit crops;
•carriers of bacterial,
•viral, and fungal diseases;
•parasites of humans or livestock;
•destroyers of economically important plants
•predators of other destructive insects.

The role of insects in ecosystems and their control by insecticides or by biological methods are studied in ecology. Some insects are used in the laboratory to study genetics; others are used to study behavior and physiology.

Entomology is rooted in nearly all human cultures throughout history.