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Stone Flies

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Stone Flies

Stone Flies 5 mm to 35 mm long. The head has widely separated eyes, long slender antennae and chewing mouthparts. Legs are long and end in two claws. They have gills that are finger-like or filamentous and may be branched. Gills are usually found at the base of the legs but may also be found on other parts of the head and thorax. They have two tails.

Stone Flies

Stone Flies

Stonefly naiads occur in fast moving streams where they are most commonly found clinging to the undersides of rocks. Many stonefly naiads are predators, feeding on other aquatic arthropods. Stonefly adults can't fly very well, and are usually found sitting on rocks near the streams where they emerged.

Adult stoneflies are generally found on the banks of streams and rivers from which they have emerged. They are not active fliers and usually remain near the ground where they feed on algae or lichens. In many species, the adults are short-lived and do not have functional mouthparts. Stoneflies are most abundant in cool, temperate climates.

Stone Flies

Stone Flies

Adults can be found at lights or on stream side vegetation. They may only be present for a few weeks because some adults are short lived. Naiads can be found on rocks or submerged plant material in well oxygenated portions of a stream.

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