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Pest Control in the Food Service Industry

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The lack of proper sanitation procedures can cause a food establishment to be infested with pests and vermin, thus causing the owner to lose a lot of business. If customers even suspect that you may have a pest control issue it is understandable that they will no longer buy any food products from your store. Try to put yourself in the customers’ shoes, would you shop at an infested food establishment?.

Would you tell your friends and family to no longer shop at the pest infested place? I do believe you would say yes if you were in any of the mentioned scenarios. So as business lacks, the establishment will inevitably lose money, and may even close down due to lack of customers.

If your pest control becomes a bad enough problem and you get listed by your local city or state health department your establishment is basically finished. Once the public gets wind of your pest problem no one will ever spend their money at your establishment again. Try to remember that it takes years to gain a customer and a second to lose one.

The success of your food establishment is dependent on happy customers and a great reputation for excellent, clean service. Your business can have these two key factors for success, but a pest problem can diminish your successful business. Beyond Environmental P.C wants to make sure your business never takes such a hit. We apply our expert methods to your food establishment as if it were our very own business. We are pest control specialists, your business is our business.

A small pest problem can become a huge nuisance for your business.

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Professional pest control services are a fundamental part of business maintenance. Whether the pest problem is as small as removing a small amount of ants or a full blown mouse infestation, most entrepreneurs feel embarrassed and apprehensive about their problem. But it is definitely more embarrassing when your customers know about it. We are here to ensure you do not have to deal with public embarrassment, and to keep your food establishment pest and vermin free.

Pests are repulsive, dirty and can scare away existing and potential customers. Most businesses do not think about pest control services until they are already knee deep in the pest problem. Beyond Environmental P.C believes the best idea for a small business is to consider and take precautionary methods early on by calling a pest control company. It is easier to avoid the pest from entering your establishment then trying to rid you of their presence after they have already established a colony.

Food establishments that suspect they may have or know they have a pest control problem should contact Beyond Environmental P.C for an inspection. Check out the rest of our website If you want more information you can also visit our blog at, the first step for it is admitting there is a problem. The faster it is identified, the quicker and more quietly the problem can be managed.


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