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Body Lice

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Body Lice

Body Lice

BodyLiceare blood-sucking insects. These insects bite into the skin of human hosts and take a blood meal much like fleas and mosquitoes. A louse cannot survive off the host longer than 48 hours.

Female body lice will lay their eggs (or nits) along the seams or hems of clothes (especially underwear) that are adjacent to the surface of the skin. Each egg is firmly glued to fibres of the clothes, but occasionally body hair maybe used. A mature female louse will lay 200-300 eggs within her life span of a month, laying between 6-9 eggs a day. The eggs are white and oval in shape and rounded at the top. Eggs hatch within 5-10 days, but if the clothing is removed each night from the warmth of the body, development time is increased and the eggs may take up to 2 weeks before hatching.

Louse eggs can remain viable for up to 14 days. Body lice are extremely sensitive to change in temperature and humidity and have been known to abandon a dead person or people with elevated temperatures. Without a constant source of blood, the lice perish within 2-5 days. In hot weather, when several layers of infested clothing are worn, the lice may move to an outer layer where the temperature is cooler. Lice are very rarely seen crawling on the outside of infested clothes, if they are visible it is an indication the individual is heavily infested. Normally body lice are sensitive to light and if disturbed will quickly move to a seam or crease for cover

Body Lice

Body Lice

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