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Book Lice

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Book Lice

Book Lice

BookLice are flat, pale, yellowish or grayish-white, soft-bodied, and 1-4 mm long . The head and abdomen are large relative to the thorax. They have long, threadlike, segmented antennae, chewing mouthparts, and protruding eyes . Booklice are wingless. Other psocids are often rounded and may be wingless or have one or two pairs of wings.

Booklice may become noticeable during warm, moist conditions found in damp rooms, duct work, storerooms, libraries or other favorable habitats that provide food, shelter and proper conditions. They feed mainly on microscopic molds, as well as dead or decayed plant or animal material.

Book Lice

Book Lice

best way to control booklice is to eliminate moist environmental conditions. Reducing the humidity in your home will eliminate the mold on which the booklice feed. Lowering the relative humidity to less than 50% will prevent their development. An air space under potted plants on windowsills will help keep the humidity down and reduce mold growth. Throw away any infested food material and make sure other foods are kept dry

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