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Head Lice

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Head Lice

Head Lice

Head Lice

Head Lice (Pediculus capitis) are blood sucking ectoparasites of humans from the family of lice Pediculidae, and they have world wide distribution. This common human parasite is strictly host specific and does not affect other animals. An adult head louse is a small six legged insect, 2.5-3.5mm in length, with well developed eyes, small antennae and a flattened light brown body which is slightly lobed at the margins.

The claws on each leg enable the lice to hold on to hairs, and they can run quickly over the scalp through hair. Head lice live their entire life on the head of their Live head licehost, and are often concentrated towards the back of the head and above/behind the ears. All nymphs and adults blood feed on the surface of the scalp until fully engorged, and can feed at any time of the day or night.

Body lice spend most of their time on the underclothing, next to the body, particularly along the seams. From here they periodically visit the hosts’ body for blood. They usually glue their eggs (up to 300 in a lifetime) to the fibers of clothing, but may occasionally glue them to body hairs as does the head louse.

Head Lice

Head Lice

Head Lice prefer areas with high humidity, but can tolerate dry conditions for some days. They are always associated with damp and are therefore usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. Inadequate ventilation or a leaky pipe and even plaster drying out can attract them. Some food products such as flour naturally contain moisture and it is here that psocids can rapidly increase in number. This is most likely to happen during the summer months when temperatures are higher, leading to their discovery in the autumn.

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