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Glassy Cutworm Moths

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Glassy Cutworm Moths

Glassy Cutworm larva is pale gray with a tan strip down its back. The head is gray-brown with dark markings. The skin is rough with microscopic four, five, and six-sided flat to slightly convex granules that look like stones in a wall. When mature, Full-grown larvae are One and Half inches long.

Glassy Cutworm Moth

Glassy Cutworm Moth

Life Cycle : Mature larvae are 3 cm long. The head is reddish-brown. The body is not pigmented and appears dirty white to greenish, with a translucent, glassy appearance. The glassy cutworm overwinters in the crowns of grass as small larvae. Larvae mature in the spring and pupate in the soil. Adults begin emerging in late June, July, and August, mate, and lay eggs on the soil surface near the crowns of grass hosts. Eggs hatch in about 10 days and larvae begin feeding on the crowns. These larvae develop partially and form the overwintering stage.

Damage : Glassy Cutworm Moth can cut up to four 1-leaf stage corn plants or one 4-leaf stage corn plant before completing its development. Soil moisture conditions also may influence the type of damage. If the soil surface is dry and crusted, cutworms are more likely to feed on the stalk below ground. Usually when corn has reached the 6-leaf stage, the stem is too thick for cutworms to cut the plant.

Management: The gardener cherishes each plant. The cutworm looks at all the plants as mere food items and proceeds to do what is does best: eat! What's more, the cutworm adds insult to injury by cutting more plants than it really needs for a food supply. Much to the dismay of the gardener, this results in dead and damaged plants.

Glassy Cutworm Damage

Glassy Cutworm Damage

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