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Glassy Cutworm Moths

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Sandhill Cutworm Moths

Sandhill Cutworm whitish to tan to pale gray, with seven faint, chalky white stripes along the length of the body. Its head is tan, and its skin is translucent. sandhill cutworms are found in sandy soils and several species tend to be problems in crops planted into sod.

Sandhill Cutworm Moth

Sandhill Cutworm Moth

Life Cycle : Sandhill Cutworm winter is spent in the larval stage. After emerging from the pupa (cocoon), mated female moths deposit eggs that hatch into larvae (caterpillars) which develop through several larval stages (instars) before pupating in the soil. There may be three to five generations per year in.

Damage : Sandhill Young cutworms feed on leaf tissue, cutting small holes ). When black cutworms are about half grown , they become big enough to cut stalks or severely injure the plant by feeding at the base.

Management: Sandhill cutworms feed almost entirely beneath the surface of the soil, so they usually cut the seedlings off below the growing point. The end result is dead plants and a reduced stand. Because sandhill cutworms overwinter as larvae in sandy soils, many producers who have had a history with these cutworms choose to apply a preventive treatment..

Sandhill Cutworm Damage

Sandhill Cutworm Damage

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