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Over the Counter

Here is a list of our over the counter products that we carry for bed bugs and other insects located in our retail store in Astoria, Queens. We also carry a full Line of bed bug proof mattress and box spring covers.

green methods


STERIFAB : STERIFAB is very easy to use, with no need for dilution of the product, and no prep required. All you need to do is just spray STERIFAB on your mattresses, bedding, furniture, carpets, vehicles, and any other inanimate surface to control bed bugs, fungus, germs, mildew, mold, and odor-producing bacteria. STERIFAB kills the bed bugs really fast and dries crystal clear in 15 to 20 minutes with absolutely zero messy residue. We have this product availabl e in pint and one gallon sizes.

STERIFAB is a great product that has many purposes. It may be used as a viricide, bactericide, sanitizer, fungicide, insecticide, germicide, deodorizer, disinfectant, mildewcide, bacteriostatic and fungi static all in one, thus eliminating the need to keep many different single-use products on hand.

In order to eliminate BEDBUGS: The infested areas should be sprayed thoroughly and repeatedly, directing the spray into all of the crevices, cracks, hiding places, seams, creases and folds. You should allow Steri-Fab to dry for about 15-20 minutes before using a treated area. Due to the fact that Steri-Fab was formulated not to be a residual product, you must make direct contact with insects and their eggs in order for this product to be effective.

green methods



Bedlam: Bedlam Insecticide is a residual aerosol spray specially designed to control bed bugs, lice, ticks, fleas, and dust mites on contact. Bedlam may be used for crack and crevice treatment also on and around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls. This product is water-based and non-irritating, and so it can be used to spot treat bedding and mattresses when controlling bed bugs. In addition, the product will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces. Bedlam is labeled for use in homes, apartments, schools, hotels and healthcare facilities.

  • Apply Bedlam Insecticide as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices, around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls.
  • First thoroughly clean and air mattresses and springs. Then spot treat only areas that may harbor pests.
  • On mattresses concentrate on tufts, folds, and seams.
  • Repeat as necessary.

green methods


Topia: TopiaInsecticide is the first completely organic aerosol product from FMC, utilizing the powerful plant extract Geraniol to eliminate a wide variety of household pests. Those pests include Ants, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, Silverfish, Stink Bugs and more. Topia has low odor and low persistence in the environment, making it an ecologically-friendly alternative to other insecticide sprays. Topia aerosol spray, because of its organic ingredients, is exempt from any federal registration requirements. Topia is a flushing and contact kill product and does not leave a long term residual.

Pyganic Dust: Pyganic dust is a low odor, fine white dust which works as a desiccant on insects, just like Drione Dust. Pyganic dust, what it does is it cuts into the exoskeleton of the insect, causing a lethal loss of moisture.

green methods

Pyganic Dust

This unique formulation will last over a year in treated voids. Pyganic Dust is mostly Silica Gel so like Drione, it works by dehydrating insects. Use with hand dusters and avoid the power dusters.PyGanic Dust with 1% Pyrethrum is a botanical insecticide dust that treats a broad range of insects. PyGanic Dust handles the toughest indoor and outdoor pests, including bed bugs fleas, ticks, ants, German cockroaches and more than 230 crawling and flying insects. The pyrethrum gives the dust a fast kill and makes the product natural and safe for use around people and pets. Pyganic Dust is a great alternative to Drione Dust .Can be used in food handling and feed areas.

Sites to use this product may include homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, food and feed areas — even in buildings and premises that hold and carry livestock.

AllPro Rockland Indoor Insect Spray 1 gallon Kills Bed Bugs

green methods

AllPro Rockland Indoor Spray

For Indoor Application:It Provides a 60-Day Control for Bed Bugs, Fleas, Brown Dog Ticks, Cockroaches, Water bugs, Palmetto Bugs, Scorpions, Millipedes, Centipedes, Sow bugs, Pill bugs, Ants, Silverfish, Firebrats, Spiders, Crickets, Clover Mites, Cheese Mites, Granary Weevils, Rice Weevils, Confused Flour Beetles, Rust Red Flour Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Meal Worms, Grain Mites, Brown Dog Ticks, Lice on Premises and Cadelles.

Garden Insects:It can also be used on roses, dahlias, asters and other ornamentals to kill Japanese Beetles that are hit by spray as well as Whiteflies, Aphids, Exposed Thrips, Spiders, Red Mites and Leaf miners. May be used on plants as a multi-purpose spray in small gardens and for spot treatments of incipient insect infestations to prevent spreading in large gardens areas. May also be used on other plants such as African violets, asters, azaleas, begonias, camellias, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, delphiniums, dogwoods, English ivy, euonymus, fuchsia, geraniums, crassula, grape vines, Kentia palms, laurels, marigolds, rhododendrons, roses, rubber plants, snapdragons, stocks, wandering Jews and zinnias.Effective when used as directed against Whiteflies, Aphids, Spider and Red Mites, exposed Thrips, Lace Bugs, Japanese Bugs, Japanese Beetles, Pavements Ants, Clover Mites and Armyworms.

JT Eaton Kill Bed Bugs Powder Diatomaceous Earth

green methods

JT Eaton Kill Powder


This Diatomaceous Earth product contains no other additives. It will kill bed bugs and many other crawling insects such as ants, box elder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, silverfish, ticks, sow bugs, millipedes and houseflies that rest on a treated surface.JT Eaton™ Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects Powder is odorless and nontoxic and looks like white powder. It is composed of finely milled fossilized shells of minuscule organisms called diatoms. The microscopically fine, sharp edges desiccate the insects' exoskeletons upon contact, and the pests dehydrate and die within one to two days. It remains effective as long as the product stays dry. This product is food grade.

JT Eaton Kill Bed Bugs 1 and 2

green methods

JT Eaton insecticide


It is a pyrethrum oil-based product that gives added efficiency with no residual. The spray is specifically geared for use on the re-emerging pest problem of bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) for commercial and residential accounts. It can be used for a variety of bedbug harborage areas including mattresses wall-ceiling joints baseboards behind and underneath furniture cushions and furnishings etc. In addition J.T. EATON KILLS BEDBUGS. Insecticide is labeled for use on fleas, brown dog ticks, spiders, crickets, clover mites, cheese mites, granary weevils and a host of other stored-product or pantry pests.

  • It’s water base 0.03% Deltamethrin with residual action
  • It keeps Killing for up to 16 weeks
  • It is specifically geared for use on the re-emerging pest problem of bedbugs (Cimex lectularius ) in commercial and residential accounts
  • It may be used for a variety of bedbug harborage areas, including mattresses, wall-ceiling joints, baseboards, behind and underneath furniture, cushions and furnishings, etc.
  • Kills Bedbugs, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders and insects listed on the label.

Permacide P1

green methods



  • Kills bedbugs, fleas, lice, ticks and other insects that are listed
  • Kills on contact and protects for up to 4 weeks
  • It’s safe to use on upholstery and fabric
  • It can be applied directly to dogs and livestock
  • It has an easy to use trigger spray bottle

Spray Away Bed Bugs (All Natural)

(1) Spray Away is safe Spray away is non-toxic, green product and safe to use around people and pets. You don’t need to air out the room out after a treatment, and you can sleep in your almost bed immediately after a treatment.

(2) Spray Away is effective

Spray Away Bed Bugs is designed specifically to kill both bedbugs and their eggs
Most poison based products only kill the bugs and not their eggs.

Bed bugs cannot become immune to Spray Away
Spray away kills the bugs using enzymes that digests their blood and dries the bug out completely. To treat other household pests like roaches, termites, etc, using poisons is fairly safe. However to continuously spray poisons into your bed and other furniture is not safe because these poisons stay in the furniture and you are breathing these toxins in when you sleep. Treating bed bug infestations properly requires several treatments, over time that's a lot of poison in your bed. Additionally bed bugs have developed immunities to many pesticide based products.

Spray Away attracts bed bugs by smell
Once sprayed, bed bugs are attracted to the scent of Spray Away, which will cause them to come out from their hiding spots, which makes it easier to see where you need to treat.

Spray Away can prevent bringing bed bugs from work or travel
You can safely spray your luggage after traveling or your clothing from work before returning home.

Bed Bug Proof Mattress Covers Are Available read more about them at: We also Carry Protect a Bed Mattress encasements.

Our retail Store is located at 2805A Astoria Blvd. Astoria NY 11102 in Queens, NY.Open 7 Days a Week from 10 to 6, we will Stay Later for your convenience. (718)777-2345

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