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smoky brown Cockroach

smoky brown Cockroach is closely related to the American cockroach , but is a uniform shiny, dark-brown or mahogany color.These cockroaches are more common in the southern United States.

smoky brown Cockroach

smoky brown Cockroach

It is about 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches long and the wings of both sexes cover the abdomen. The female has a broader abdomen than the male and lacks styli. Young nymphs have white markings on the thorax and abdomen, and on some antennal segments. Older nymphs are uniformly dark brown.

smoky brown cockroaches is a plant feeder and occurs in greenhouses. Though it is mainly an outdoor roach, it is often transported indoors. Populations build up outside homes and enter around doors, garages, and in the eaves of roofs where they live in gutters and under roof shingles and easily find their way into attics. This cockroach is very dependent on moisture. In areas of high humidity, populations can build up and infest every level of a structure.

smoky brown cockroaches have a greater tendency to lose moisture through the cuticle than other cockroaches, and thus require liquid water every 2-3 days.This cockroach is relatively immobile, with greater than 70% of all recaptures in a 10-21 day period involving no net movement

Life Cycle:The egg capsule of the smoky brown cockroach is large and dark brown. The female usually glues it to objects in the harborage. An average of 17 eggs are in each capsule; as many as 24 eggs have been found.Nymphs hatch within 50 days.

Smoky Brown Cockroach Nymphs

Smoky Brown Cockroach Nymphs

Nymphs that hatch in summer overwinter.Adults. The life cycle of a smoky brown cockroach is about one year. Alarge adult die-off occurs each fall. Both sexes fly.

Control: Tighten doors and window wells. Eliminate overhanging tree limbs (especially pines). Keep gutters clean.Close all roach entry at the roof from the edges of eaves to house walls. Use care not to obstruct screened ventilation areas. Attach lights away from the house.

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