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Pale Windscorpions

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Pale Windscorpion

Pale Windscorpion

Pale Windscorpion

Pale Windscorpion is a primitive scorpion-like animal that has few specializations. Males of this species are usually 15 to 26mm in length while females are larger, ranging from 22 to 32mm. Windscorpions are usually yellowish-brownish in color. The overall body is segmented into three parts. The abdomen is cylindrical and has ten segments and three walking pairs of legs. The rear part of the abdomen is covered with a carapace or plate on the dorsal side.

Pale Windscorpion also has two forward pairs of pedipalps, which are clawless leg-like appendages that act as sensory organs and also serve in other functions such as water intake. At the head there are two eyes and two very large chelicerae. The chelicerae are the most noticeable feature of the windscorpions in general because they are so prominent. They also have tactile hairs covering their entire bodies.

Sun scorpions are fast, agile, nocturnal predators. They feed on live spiders, insects and other small animals that they can capture in their jaws. During the day they can be found in shallow burrows, or under rocks, boards andlogs.

Life Cycle: Pale Windscorpionmales attack the females by jumping onto their backs and holding them down. Females, even though they are larger, lie still and seem to go into a trance like state. Males then drag the females to a location where they feel safe, then flip the females over. The male uses its chelicerae to open the female sexual openings. Then he secretes a drop of seminal fluid, which is transferred to the chelicerae by his pedipalps.

The male uses the chelicerae to deposit the sperm inside the female’s genital opening, and then pinches the opening shut. The male then disappears as fast as possible because he is now potential prey. The female awakens from her trance-like state and goes on with normal life. Oviposition takes place two weeks later when the female digs a small burrow in the ground

Pale Windscorpion

Pale Windscorpion

CONTROL:Good sanitation is the best method of control. Scorpions may be attracted indoors where water is available, but they also will hide in shoes, clothing and bedding. The native Kansas scorpion is not a good climber and cannot climb smooth walls, but it can crawl up draperies, bed covers, other fabric and textured surfaces. Remove piles of trash, unused lumber and boxes from in and around the home. Wear leather gloves and be careful when moving items near objects where spiders or scorpions may be hiding. Examine and shake items of clothing from closets or storage areas before putting them on.

prevent scorpions from entering homes. Caulk openings around pipes and conduits and eliminate cracks around foundations, doors and windows. Locating all points of entry may require trial and error as well as determination. Caulking and sealing from the inside of each room prevents scorpions that may be in wall voids from entering living space. If a structure or outdoor environment is infested with scorpions, it may be helpful to search for them at night using an ultraviolet lantern or “black light.” Scorpions glow in such light in contrast with surroundings, and can be destroyed.

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