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Triangulate Household Spider

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Triangulate Household Spider

Triangulate Household Spider 3 mm to 6 mm long, with a brownish-orange cephalothorax and spindly, yellowish legs, and tiny hairs. Triangulate household spider belongs to the family of comb footed spiders. Like other members of this group, these spiders build irregular webs

Triangulate Household Spider

Triangulate Household Spider

Life CycleTriangulate Household Spiders and egg sacs have been found from late spring through early fall. Egg sacs, about the size of the adult spider, are made of loosely woven white silk, and about 30 eggs.

Triangulate Household Spiders hangs upside down while waiting for unsuspecting prey to fly or fall into sticky places on the web. Using a comb of serrated bristles on their hind legs the spider covers its prey in silk and waits for it to stop moving before biting.

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