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Verminators: The case of the LA pests

verminator Equipment

verminator Equipment

Termites, rats, cockroaches, snakes, and all other kinds of nasty things; the home is not a safe home with these critters swarming around and inside your home. Human settlements are not isolated with nature. The truth of the matter is that we are all just around it, taking our space and trying to live in harmony with it. As more areas are turned into human settlements, the balance between natures is tampered with and it causes infestation from animals and insects. In a crowded urban metropolis like LA, pests of all shapes and sizes can come around and overrun a house. Who do you call for? ISOTECH is an LA based pest control company providing professional services for areas around LA and surrounding areas. Of course they are not your ordinary company and that is why they are in the Discovery Channel show called the Verminators.

The Verminators ran from April 2008 to October 2014. The West Coast is the perfect place to set up a pest control business. It has a sub tropical climate, the Pacific Ocean just on the western side adding a bit of humidity to the whole area. Heat, humidity and a whole lot of problems can create a perfect location for insects and other bugs to thrive. Not only that: there are also snakes, raccoons and some other gnarly beasts that reached the city for a new home and food to eat. Verminators is a show that documents the everyday extermination routines of the team at ISOTECH, one of the more popular companies specializing in pest control. Pests that could be most common to the area are bed bugs, cockroaches and of course rodents. If a home is dirty and nasty or is not maintained well, chances are, you will get one form of pest and another. Depending on the season, especially the summer times, you might find some nasty critters lingering in your own space.



From rodents, to termite infestation, termites and even bed bugs, it is important to address the issues as soon as possible. City ordinances can deem a building as uninhabitable if it is filled with bugs and other pests. Not only that, but pests can damage property and can cause direct health risks. Their droppings, urine and other leftovers can make the air nasty and unhealthy that if you have kids, they can get allergies and other nasty infections on their mucous membranes. Pests are of course just unsightly. The Verminators shows us how the ISOTECH team shares their expertise and equipment in eradicating pests and to ensure that the homes are free from bugs and rodents.

Large animals and stray animals are also big worries for homeowners. Though you may not really expect snakes, it is possible if your estate has a massive forest or woods nearby. Sometimes, raccoons can also go and make dwellings on attics and hollow areas of the house and at night they just make screeching and uncomfortable noises that could make you uncomfortable sleeping and being in your house.

ISOTECH provides amazing services for commercial and residential entities and they follow California rules on green processes. They handle animal relocation, bee control, bird control and even community fumigations. It is very important to keep areas free from pests since they can spread and they will not stop most especially insects, cockroaches are known to be the most resilient of all the insects surviving in any conditions but they really flourish in the humid summer times. Termites can also be very bad especially for homes with wooden foundations. The show shares to us the team's experiences in pest control in various parts of the home, in some establishments like motels, in landscapes, in some nearby natural dwellings and some really nasty things. Vermin in particular is the worst prob



lem and the most recurring one so some of their episodes are dedicated to vermin in various places like hills, hotels, and all other possible areas.

As said earlier, there are some instances when unexpected visitors would come over. The Verminators had to get some alligators from a certain area to prevent any injuries and fatal accidents if people happen to go to the place.

The Verminators are members of ISOTECH headed by Mike Masterson who is the CEO and co-owner of the company together with his friend Kevin Alden. Other members of the team are Erik Alden, Joe De la Rosa, Lawrence Federico, Michael Garcia, Jamie Poveda, Robert Roman, Sam Torres and Kat Herrera. The team is made up of expert and experienced exterminators, some of whom chose to be on the field and left their old office jobs. Only the passionate can really find the appeal of working in such jobs and Verminator documents their daily work exploits as they go to clients, visit their traps and sometimes, have some mishaps going on. It is part of the nature of the work and it is part of their humanity as well.

The Verminators is not a reality show if there is no drama. Of course you can see drama when the clients see the extent of their pest problem. You can see the drama that boiling up to the lack of experience of some of the team members. You can find the drama when the clients breathe a sigh of relief after the pests have been eradicated. If is tough to be in a situation living with nasty critters so you would really relate to them even if you do not have critters at home. Those nasty bugs are just nasty! But that is part of the job of ISOTECH. They do their best to provide the best solutions and of course use ecologically friendly options for their tasks.



With the narrator giving the show a bit of a shock value to it, there is a bit of a crime scene treatment to the show which may seem too sensational but you will certainly understand why such things are understatements to the kind of mess that are in Los Angeles. You will never know what the next task would be if it is a rat problem or a cleanup of nasty, decaying pestilence. There is thrill in the job but of course not anyone can do the task at hand and that is why Vermionators show you how the experts do it and how they work the problem with professional care.

There are some very interesting episodes in the show with very interesting unexpected guests. One apartment home is filled with all possible critters from bed bugs, cockroaches, maggots, black widows and even bees. That is an infestation at a catastrophic level and since it is an apartment unit, the ISOTECH team needed to address the issue securely to prevent neighboring families from the dangers of these nasty critters. You would imagine that a fancy looking area could be holding such nasty things; well the proof is right out there in all nooks and crannies of the apartment. Sometimes the task at hand can be more of animal relocation.



Human settlement has become the most ideal place for critters to live since the areas are full of compartments, hidden and enclosed spaces and sometimes, unsanitary living can lead to disgusting results. There is no romanticizing there. You will certainly be bowled over by human some people live their lives. Verminators really has some amazing cases and ISOTECH licks off the cases with professionalism using their high grade tools and extensive knowledge of things.

Pests around Los Angeles can be even graver than in the more secluded areas since there is more commercialism, more products, more easy living and more people not taking care of their places. City life can be cramped and with pests at homes, living in the city becomes even more cramped up and that is why there is a need to address the issues. Verminators had its last run in 2014 but ISOTECH still provides professional services.

Having seen their show, you would really have an understanding of how important it is to maintain and keep the homes clean and well maintained at all times. You may not have a big home but it pays to be clean since you do not want to have a massive swarm and population of unwanted guests on your home they could make you sick or even worse.

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